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For the Lifetime Care of Your Eyes

Welcome to Boroyan Eye Associates. Our office is dedicated to providing you and your family with innovative and dependable solutions for your visual needs. From pediatric care to your first contact lens fitting, from stylish eyewear to preventive glaucoma testing, our objective is to provide for the lifetime care of your eyes.

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Doctor Henry Boroyan
Doctor Andrea Vosbikian
Optical Technician Doreen Stanizzi

About Us

Over 40 Years of Eye Care Excellence

At Boroyan Eye Associates, our team works closely together to provide you with the best visual care possible. Our primary focus is taking care of your vision over a lifetime. That close relationship with our patients is a cornerstone of our business.

Doctor Henry Boroyan founded the practice in 1970 and has provided outstanding visual care to the local community ever since. He is joined by Doctor Andrea Vosbikian, optical technician Doreen Stanizzi, and an administrative staff that is dedicated to the lifetime care of your eyes.

Henry J. Boroyan

Doctor of Optometry

Doctor Henry J. Boroyan graduated from New England College of Optometry with honors and has continued to provide outstanding visual care in the local community, including pre-school screenings and serving on advisory boards. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on optometric care and has consulted for ophthalmic providers.

Andrea Vosbikian

Doctor of Optometry

Doctor Andrea D. Vosbikian graduated from the New England College of Optometry with honors. She has received grants for pediatric research and has lectured regularly on optometric practice to her colleagues. Having worked in underserved populations as well as a local Veteran’s Hospital, she has extensive experience in medical eye conditions.

Doreen Stanizzi

Optical Technician

Doreen excels in assisting patients find the perfect pair of glasses for their optical needs. She is highly knowledgable in speciality sports lenses, computer lenses, children’s eyewear, and general use glasses. Her passion for the profession is clearly evident when working with her.

Plus: the best administrative staff in the business.

Our administrative staff is fully trained to provide efficient, caring attention to all of our patients.

Eye Care

Optimizing Vision & Maintaining Eye Health

Routine Eye Care

Routine eye exams are important in preserving your vision and overall eye health. Although your vision may not have changed, it is important to have a doctor examine the health of your eyes to ensure your vision remains strong. Depending on many factors, routine eye exams should be done every 1-2 years.

Medical Services

We are licensed to practice at the highest level of optometric care including the detection and treatment of various ocular diseases and complications. In addition, any situations that require speciality care are addressed by our extensive speciality referral network.


All children should have an eye exam by 5 years old regardless of school and primary care vision screenings. Although screenings are a good start, many visual problems can go undetected at screenings that can interfere with reading and learning.

Sports Vision

We recognize and address the special visual needs of our athlete patients. This can include specific visual evaluations, specific design sports frames/lenses, and contact lenses.

Computer & Task-Specific Vision

We all want to see our world effortlessly, but that cannot always be achieved with basic glasses or contact lenses. The doctors at Boroyan Eye Associates provide special visual testing and lens designs to make you more efficient and comfortable throughout your day.

If this is an ocular emergency, please call us at (978) 256-8501 and we will be able to assist you. If the office is closed, please 911 or go to an emergency room.


Stylish & Affordable Retail Optical Boutique


At Boroyan Eye Associates, we take time to explain your vision care to you and offer innovative and simple ways to make your days easier with proper eyewear. The products we use are of excellent quality and our office optician, Doreen, has had many years working with patients to aid in making sound decisions and proper fitting.

  • Complete eyewear services
  • Unique European optical boutique
  • Licensed optician on site
  • Computerized optical laboratory on premises
  • Children’s eyeglass center
  • Prescriptions accepted/filled
  • Competitively priced top quality lenses and materials utilized

Contact Lenses

No matter if you wear contact lenses for sports, socially or throughout your days, a proper contact lens fit and top quality lenses are important to ensuring optimal performance. Boroyan Eye Associates is known throughout the community for their ability to fit contact lenses. We enjoy working with patients of all ages and of all vision types.

  • Major interest of our practice
  • Routine and Astigmatism
  • Bifocal- See clearly at all distances
  • Challenging prescriptions
  • All age groups, with special attention to our younger patients
  • No obligation evaluations
  • Competitive pricing